X-Plane 10 AddOn – Carenado – C337H Skymaster Torrent Download ~REPACK~

X-Plane 10 AddOn – Carenado – C337H Skymaster Torrent Download ~REPACK~



X-Plane 10 AddOn – Carenado – C337H Skymaster Torrent Download

If you are looking for an addictive and popular freeware simulator, Carenado Cessna 340 Skymaster HD is the right product for you. Simply put, it is one of the most realistic air simulators! Starting at a total price of 14.95, this simulator boasts a large database of over 1300 different airports, over 10,000 different types of aircraft, and a huge variety of liveries to chose from, plus a huge amount of addons, you can be sure that this will be one of the most popular and addictive freeware simulators.

Buy Now, download and fly the award winning Cessna 340 II HD Series package from Carenado in the X-Plane simulator. Experience all the benefit of advanced flight modelling, stunning lighting effects and flight physics that X-Plane has to offer in the Cessna 340 II! Download this product immediately after purchase, or you can order a backup DVD of this product mailed to your door, with PC Aviator Australia’s quality disc backup service.

A true Cessna 340 Skymaster HD package includes the Airframe, this is the template of a skymaster 340 as it appears in the Carenado simulator, exterior textures, interior textures, and instrument panel. All textures and textures are done in high detail and you can also check the details of the interior of a Cessna 340 Skymaster HD by switching the interior view to the Cessna 340. For the instruments, they are all in HD and they can be changed to fit to any aircraft mod or texture. Also included: engine sound, helicopter sound, landing gear sound, Pylon Sound, and Full option to choose the cockpit lighting.

the skymaster ii comes with the usual array of carenado standard features including their usual attention to detail on exterior and interior modeling and texturing, 5 liveries, gns530 (with gtn750 integration option if you own the gtn750), weather radar, radio, custom adf, transponder, and sounds recorded from the real thing. and the aircraft also has carenados now standard tablet for controlling things like the static elements, doors, and even enabling a quick start for those who want to skip the start-up process.
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