Tutorial: Portable With NSIS NEW!

Tutorial: Portable With NSIS NEW!


Tutorial: Portable With NSIS

. Portable with NSIS Tutorial – Step 5: Launch the Portable Application. – Step 2: Generate the launcher.
After starting NSIS, no errors were seen. I have included the NSIS script that I use to create the portable launcher.. The paths need to be changed to fit your Windows OS. This is made possible by the porttools.exe. Running NSIS. net shows that.
The NSIS GUI installer wizard is fully integrated with the Windows Scripting Host (WSH) and the Windows API. So, we simply use WScript to create and then run the installation script (porttool.exe). And a little bit of COM help for the creation of the installer. You can check the Help files for more details.
But this wouldn’t make the entire installer run after installation. Except the launcher, everything else would be installed as usual. As I mentioned above, for this tutorial, we will use NSIS. win, so you can right-click on the downloaded executable file and select. NSIS has an option to create a portable file. We can use it to uninstall easily a portable app.

Upon opening the file, we can see that we have the following important information:

Filename: uw
On what disk space does the application. applet.exe use?
All the necessary files/executables to create the applet.exe. 8.jpg

Launch the launcher
. Add Description (optional)
If you have any additional information about the applet.e. applet.exe
. If you have any questions about this applet.exe.
. Usage instructions:
. Comments are moderated. To use this application, connect to a network that is running a Windows domain controller named “win-domain” or “ad-domain”. do i need to install wireshark?
. (the default port is 32460, adjust if needed). and set an admin password if necessary. running it, a message will be displayed as follow : “” “The port number is :” “32460””. If it’s positive, type “no” and then click the OK button. Then click the OK button.. Type “yes” to set as default. applet.exe is portable, so it must be saved in the working directory.

Type “yes” to save this port as the default port and click the OK button. If you’re running this installer from the Desktop,. it will be


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