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Trapsoul V1.0 RETAiL WiN OSX

October 20, 2019 | OS X: 1.49 GB | WIN: 1.48 GB INFINIT ESSENTIALS presents TRAPSOUL VST This is what you R&B lovers have been waiting for. this vst is specially… May 16, 2019 | OS X: 2.05 GB | WIN: 2.52 GB
Dave Lee, one of the founders of the Dixie Chicks, has stated that he wants to end the group.
In an interview with, he said the band was “a part of his life” but he doesn’t get the attention he…
May 7, 2019 | OS X: 4.02 GB | WIN: 4.02 GB
Last year, Sony Music Entertainment announced plans to end the Universal Music series.
However, a new series, Universal Music Collective, will be launched on December 12th with a new lineup.
This week …

OSX: 1.49GB WIN: 1.48GB. INFINIT ESSENTIALS Presents .Canvas Wall Decals – Unisex


This unique can display beautifully any picture or text in a 3/4″ wooden frame or matte surface. Then you are left with a smooth canvas surface that can be used in your own style, literally, like art. Canvas Wall Decals are a wonderful tool to spruce up any room and add a personal touch.

What is the difference between this product and the Pressed Canvas Wall Panel? The canvas is primed and ready to hang, while the pressed canvas is bonded to a wooden frame or mounted to a wall. The results are amazing – our pressed canvases looks like art!OEMs align on industry standard for power-on reset

The first significant global standard aimed at limiting power-on-reset (POR) problems in embedded networking equipment is nearly a year old. However, a recent survey confirms that some 80% of OEMs have yet to commit to a standard for handling POR events.

In late 2012, the ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) Computer and Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) announced a power-on-reset standard. The standard aims to give the embedded Ethernet community an industry standard they can use to reliably diagnose, identify and track PORs.

Tom Bader, vice president of technical marketing for Mellanox Technology, has been working to create a reliable standard for power-on-reset.

“A specification has been finalized by the [ETSI technical committee] G2N (High Performance Computing and Networking) and defined as STANAG 4221. There is not yet a manufacturing practice, but we expect one in due course,” he said. “The standard is similar to STANAG 4221, but is being marketed through ETSI.”

Bader also suggested that some OEMs would want to handle PORs in different ways than those outlined in STANAG 4221. “This [CTIA] is a good stop gap for the industry. But, I think it is more of an interim standard where we don’t have a final standard,” he said.

The details of the standard were first outlined in October 2011 in ETSI publication STANAG 5869. The publication explained the problem: “The components on a network switching system generate a P

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