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Where can I find a list of the names of various “pieces” of clothing?

It’s hard to describe what I mean by “pieces”. I’ll try:

A shirt can be the front.
A pair of pants can be the front and the back.
An apron can be the front, top and bottom.
A jacket can be the front, back, sleeves and hood.

Where can I find a list of the names of various “pieces” of clothing?
I don’t want a list of every piece of clothing in existence, I need a list of the names of clothes of various types.
I also want a list of the words used to describe each piece of clothing. I don’t want a list of every word used for describing clothing.


This is not an answer to your question: it is just a list of synonyms for ‘piece’ as per Jona’s answer.
Some other related words (from an English lesson, no less):

Sizes refer to the number of units in the measurement of something.
Some parts of an object are called dimensions. The dimensions of a
rectangle are length, width and the height.
A piece in this sense can be a garment, or a single component of a
garment. For example, in a shirt, a piece may be the front, the
collar, the cuffs, the sleeve, the back, the shoulders, the waist
line, the sleeves, the collar, or the back of the neck.

Do you have an example piece of clothing? Once you can show a piece in pictures (or written instructions) we can apply some logic.


Here is


I have about 3 days and I would like to get a 2nd opinion on my case. I havent read all of it but I was more interested in the how the case was made then what happened to the girl. I used to be a regular reader of your web page. Can you call me?

Im not sure if this is the right place to post this question but here is what happened. I spent 3 weeks getting what I believed to be a very expensive breast augmentation. The average price for a nurse in NYC is around 22K and mine was quoted at 33K. I would like to know if it was ever confirmed that my surgery was done by a nurse.

I feel like I should know. Im not looking to bash anyone but its not uncommon for a nurse to take the patient s money and not do anything. Although I couldnt say if they did anything improper or not I just want to know if it was confirmed that the surgery was done by a nurse.


I’m sure every nurse gets those calls, but I think the nurses union is the only one that would be able to confirm that you had the surgery done by one of their members. I’d double check with your surgeon.

Also, you’re right that for nurses working for a hospital it is not unusual for them to take a cut of the price, but for a nurse working at a mall or hospital as an independent contractor, they would have to be registered and everything. There is usually a higher license fee for that (Sears is going to charge a fee to operate a clinic), but then again they would have to register with the state.

I was diagnosed with a deformed jaw. I thought I had straight teeth. After many different painters per the dentist office they suggested me a Maxillary Repositioning plate. The problem was I had to have surgery on my bottom teeth as well. It was a nightmare to the point where I said to the dentist.

I told the dentist to pull them out and put something over them. He said it was not possible. I was dumb founded. The dentist said he was not an orthodontist. I went to an orthodontist who said the same thing. It was a nightmare to tell you the truth.

I finally found a dentist that liked me and who is an orthodontist. He was very recommended by another friend. I have no idea what this is. I am having it removed tomorrow


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