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Tanga has a subtropical highland climate (Cwb, according to the Köppen climate classification), with humid summers and dry winters. The general range of temperature is between -6 °C in the highlands and 29 °C on the lowlands. The weather from June until October, is dry and cold. The heaviest rainfall occurs during the months December to March. The area around Mbeya town (especially in Tukuyu) enjoys abundant and reliable rainfall which stimulates abundant agriculture on the rich volcanic soils. Average rainfall per year is around 900mm. The rainy season is from March to May.


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Basing on economic perspective Tanga Cement is one of the major industries.

On the other hand, nearby tourist attractions include Amboni Caves, Galanos hot springs, Saadani national park, Toten Island, URITHI Tanga Museum, Tanga War Graves and Memorials, Tongoni Ruins, Ndumi Village defense works, Mwarongo sand beaches and protected coastal mangroves.

Sportswise Tanga is represented in the Tanzanian Premier League by the football club Coastal Union.


Coordination of Diverse

Tanga was served by a metre gauge railway of the national railway system, however this has not functioned in many years.

The major means of intracity transport is by the dala dala (minibus). Dala dala minibuses are involved in many of the road accidents in Mbeya, they account for a large percentage of the 500+ yearly road deaths on Tanga's roads. Dala dalas are used by the majority of the population of Tanga as a cheap, though often overcrowded, means of public transportation. These minibuses are operated by both a driver and a conductor. The conductor collects the fare and signals the driver to leave. These minibuses tend to be overcrowded with passengers sometimes hanging outside the door.

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Particular Value
Zone Northern Coast
Capital Tanga
Time zone EAT (UTC+3)
Postal code 21000
Area code 027
Climate Tropical savanna (Aw)