Tales Of Berseria Texture Mods

Tales Of Berseria Texture Mods


Tales Of Berseria Texture Mods

Includes a powerful modding system that allows you to check all the shaders and textures used and introduce replacements in real time with zero performance. You can change almost everything!
And it’s absolutely free!
It also has a simple interface for those who don’t know anything about modding.
Each texture has a list of textures that can be replaced.
You will be surprised how many files you can replace.
There is also a list of shaders that you can replace.
It also gives you the ability to add your own custom shaders that you create and use and you can modify them to be compatible with other mods.


The Huayra Racing Hats by Hyunte looked so cool, I wanted to give them a test, so I had a go at editing them using Gish. This way I can bring any of them up and enjoy. I have been mucking around with the Additive texture and the View Detail on it to try and get it look a little bit nicer.

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Sometime in 2013 I decided to convert the Mystcraft magicstone template into a spellcrafting blueprint. Originally I planned to make the base skeleton for all the different templates, but over time I realised how much time it would take. And after a while it became clear to me that I had my own favourite designs already. Making a base skeleton would only replicate existing templates, and most people make only the base skeleton of the the one spell they currently use the most. So the result is 4 total spellcrafting blueprint templates, each with a base skeleton for one of the current top 4 spells. Additionally, I added the papercraft skeleton of altars, making it.

I spent about 3 months working on this; and as I was creating it I realised that it has the potential to be the first novel-length Minecraft book. So it just sort of grew from there. And so I have called it “A Perilous Journey.” Or to put it another way: “If you know how to build a multi-lane bridge, then you can build this novel.” It ends up about 250 pages long, not quite the 600+ pages like “Nuggets of Achievement,” but I have my standards. Once I was happy with it, I self-published the full book. I printed it out myself, bound it myself, and did the artwork myself in Photoshop. It is available now on Amazon in paperback. It is also available for Kindle and Kindle.

I’d like to invite you to read through it. Any feedback is welcomed; as is any $.

Sturdy Vault I-IV [Mod]

imagine a world where the world is controlled by one of 7 powerful. You cannot use a gummy bear to get the key! You have to play a certain series of puzzles to even have


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