Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition Update 1 ALL DLCs Repack Mr DJ.epub ##TOP##



Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition Update 1 ALL DLCs Repack Mr DJ.epub

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Download Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition Update 1 ALL DLCs Repack Mr DJ.
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My question is: Why is this behavior happening and how can I fix this issue?


The fault is in the data of book.
Data of book named “Book” itself contains the fault.

And I also find another fault.
Name: Book of Fei Zhong
But I don’t know how to make a question out of it.
I just found this in the inner of the corruption array that is in the first 3 of the access.

Because it is not equal to the file length in the first 3 bytes.

Although it is not the problem but it is something weird.

If I make a change in the file later which is after the corruption thing.

Then it is fine.

I will show some sample images just to understand what is going on.

In the first one, the corruption is happend here.

Since the file size is more than the supposed memory, program gets corrupted.
Since the corruption is more than 3 bytes and the content of corruption is not empty, I started to think that the crash was not caused by a memory, but it is the mismatch between the file content and the memory.
But this result from the second scan confirms my suspicion.

It seems that is the problem.

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