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Key feature

System Requirements

System Requirements

Game Info

General Info

Game name : Town of Seasons

Game developer : Acemia/Versus Evil

Publisher : Acemia

Genre : RPG

Language : English

Release date : 12/12/2016

Censored : No

Rated : No

Published : Steam

Official Website :

Edition : Nintendo Switch

Price: $49.99 USD

Available on : PC

System requirements

Minimum :

OS : Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

Processor : Intel Core i3 2.40GHz or AMD equivalent

Memory : 4GB RAM

Graphics : DirectX 9 Compatible Video Card with Microsoft DirectX 9.0c

Storage : 17GB available space

Sound : DirectX Compatible Speakers

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RPG Maker MV – Town Of Seasons Features Key:

  • [Mercenary] Become a mercenary for hire and work for various clients.
  • [Regular March] Enjoy a traditional game rhythm and collect coins throughout the year.
  • [Markets] Go to the town market for buying various items. Find a suitable store for your materials and equipment.
  • [Special] Return to the town for special events.
  • [All Offices] Meet with the NPC and become a famous character.

What’s in this update?

  • Character Enhancements: Feel the power of the gauntlet and sword with the new weapon sets.
  • Equipment enhancements: Seek some fine items to feed your weapon.
  • Crafting effects: Complete the effects of the materials and get as much help as you can.
  • Character animation: The character work better in the two-legged mode.
  • New worlds: Highly-detailed European town scene and Korean city scene for monthly update.

How to get the game?

  • MMORPG: Enter the world through your account at >
  • Download: Get the latest version from the RPG Maker MV website
  • Pre-Register: Register the game by entering your Square Enix account and password to make sure that the game can be enjoyed even in offline.


RPG Maker MV – Town Of Seasons Free License Key

Become the manager of the Town of Seasons, a town where you can relax and play games!
~ Functions ~
1. Management
– Solve the problems of the town!
– Don’t forget to manage your employees!
– Create and manage your own video game!
– Buy and sell new types of items!
– Take care of customers!
– Train your employees!
– Create a more efficient town!
2. Restaurant
– By leveling up, expand your restaurant!
– Train your employees to open a new type of restaurant!
– Decorate your restaurant!
– Open new types of restaurants!
– Expand your restaurant and complete quests!
– Open to expand to other worlds!
3. Graphics
– Create and customize your avatar, clothing and equipment!
– Customize your house, fields and decorations!
4. Quest & Monsters
– Hunt monsters!
– Complete quests!
– Fight with other players!
– Discover new monsters!
– Battle with monsters in the Castle!
5. Battle
– Battle with the monsters of the land!
– Play “Hero” and fight against enemies!
– Battle for the title!
– Battle in “Solo Battle”!
– Battle “Quick Battle”!
– Battle with the monsters!
6. Item & Social
– Gain items by levelling up, and sell them for profit!
– The “Bing Card” function allows you to acquire items easily!
– You can be paired with other players as a team!
– Gain items by doing quests and achieve a higher score!
7. Events
– Go to the Shop!
– Find new items and update the items in your store!
– Find new seasonal costumes for your avatar!
– Play games to win cute items!
– Become a moderator for the Town of Seasons!
8. Equipment
– Equip yourself with armor, weapons, and accessories!
– Have fun with the mounts you have equipped!
9. Visit Castles
– See the in-game picture with your name in the area where you logged in.
– Visit the Castle!
– Store the memories you found in the Castle!
10. Experience
– Gain experience to level up your character!
– Defend the Castle against monsters and unlock more skillful weapons!
For MMO players who want more in “RPG Maker MV” with “Town of Seasons”
1. Play the “Town


RPG Maker MV – Town Of Seasons Product Key Free X64 [2022]

– 2x Princess and Crowns (Two crowns)

– 2x Dog and Cat Breeds (Two cats)

– 4x Common Items (Four things)

– 2x Common People (Two things)

– 2x Spirit (Two spirits)

– 2x King’s Star (Two stars)

– 2x Magical Fireball (Two fireballs)

– 2x Secret Dungeon (Two secret dungeons)

– 2x Safety Dog (Two safety dogs)

– 2x Fairies’ House (Two fairies’ house)

– 2x Gloomy Forest (Two gloomy forests)

– 2x Flower Garden (Two flower gardens)

– 2x Shaded Grove (Two shaded groves)

– 2x Fairy Farm (Two fairy farms)

– 2x Fog Pavilion (Two fog pavilions)

– 2x Hanging Lantern (Two hanging lanterns)

– 2x Dream Plant (Two dream plants)

– 2x Old Man’s Grave (Two old men’s graves)

– 2x Giant’s Statue (Two giant’s statues)

– 2x Air Balloon (Two air balloons)

– 2x Tiny House (Two tiny houses)

– 2x Moving Tent (Two moving tents)

– 2x Starless Night (Two starless nights)

– 2x Dark Statue (Two dark statues)

– 2x Mysterious Tree (Two mysterious trees)

– 2x Witch Castle (Two witch castles)

– 2x Deep Forest (Two deep forests)

– 2x Bad Octopus (Two bad octopuses)

– 2x Pink Rose (Two pink roses)

– 2x Forgotten Temple (Two forgotten temples)

– 2x Bird’s Cage (Two bird’s cages)

– 2x Cloud Castle (Two cloud castles)

– 2x Lost House (Two lost houses)

– 2x Giant’s Picnic (Two giant’s picnics)

– 2x Witch City (Two witch cities)

– 2x Legendary Dragon (Two legendary dragons)

– 2x Black Dragon Hill (Two black dragons hills)

– 2x Low Cliff Hill (Two low cliff hills)

– 2x Ruby Fortress (Two ruby fortresses)

– 2x Cathedral Hill


What’s new:


And…Game Over!

Sorry, I got carried away.

Projects over in the Games

Video Game Projects

RPG Maker MV

According to the MV Community Wiki there is a new version of the project, called the “Kawaiikimonogatari: MK2”. It is in-japanese-only, but is otherwise the same as the original “Town of Seasons”, and is on branch called “Games”, to the left of the main menu.

The link to the Wiki is

There is also an unofficial worldwide v5 of mk2.


Steam Night Sky 0.92b

“Night Sky is an attempt to recreate a game in a programming contest. The original contest used TOS by Thengames.

The result is an RPG Maker MV map with a new art and brush style. The majority of the items and tiles are original to this contest.
The graphics engine of this contest is Steam Vision, the winner of the 2016 contest for level design.


Over 100 hand-drawn tiles

New In-game Video

One stage map, with several songs

Features by Thengames.”

There are some description about this version in the art-gallery.



“Gradual is a musical track for your story with lyrics and great voice-overs. It was created specifically to oppose The first time and The second time as per its different story lines. This project was entirely made by me with the help of 2 illustrators, 2 poets and a lyricist as a big thanks to them for helping me.”

There are some description about this version in the art-gallery.



3rd Orchestral version by Nya P.
2nd Rock version by Nya P.
1st Rock version by Nya P.


The Odds

-Laughing Oregon Hamster “The odds are…”

“A new Odds tutorial is here! The tutorials made by me available on the forum. So here is the tutorial written by me to explain the Odds Project. The title, the story to come, and the artist i will be quoting


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How To Install & Crack Game RPG Maker MV – Town of Seasons:

  • How To Install & Crack Game RPG Maker MV – Town of Seasons (Windows Only)
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  • This is because the game come without this files and need to have a crack for you to use it by installing the crack.
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System Requirements:

* Minimum:
– Processor: Intel Core2 Duo E8400 @ 2.8GHz
– Memory: 2 GB RAM
– Graphics: ATI HD 4650 with 256 MB or better video memory
– Free disk space: 20 GB
* Recommended:
– Processor: Intel Core i3, i5 or AMD Phenom X2
– Memory: 4 GB RAM
– Graphics: ATI HD 5750 with 512 MB or better video memory



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