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“First of all, the purpose of Roblox is to make the world’s playground!
You can create your own games and play them with your friends. This website is powered by Roblox.
This website has been made in order to show you the power of Roblox, that can be used in any area of the online world.
Get your own Roblox ID here :
…and then create your first game:
…this program is very easy to use.Also, you can always ask someone to play your game if you are not good at it.
Besides, you can subscribe yourself on facebook to stay up-to-date with our activities!
You can also find games and features updated on our blog:

This is the official Roblox Blog Website. But you can also find out more about the development of Roblox and Roblox games on our twitter :
Click here to learn more about Roblox:
Or contact us by visiting our Facebook:

Developer Tips For You

“Developer Tips for You” is a video series aimed to give tips for beginner and enthusiast game developers as well as showcasing a wide variety of games developed in the Roblox game engine. In our video series you will get a peek of what developers, designers, marketers and more go through every single day in order to make every game you see at the Roblox games store better than the last and for us gamers to enjoy.
Join us as we take a ride through the Roblox world and discover real developers working hard to create amazing experiences.
Developer: Claudio Moya (@_opengamesme)
Video Editor: EthanHoyt (@_EthanHoyt)
Script Editor: Daniel H. Britt (@danhbritt)
Camera: Rodgar

Instrumental Version


Features Key:


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Why do you need Robux:

Robux is a popular video game item. It is used in Roblox which is a video game development platform owned by the Roblox company.

It is in demand in the Roblox world because it is used to upgrade player profiles or play games and earn skill points for in-game activities. The player can use the roblox item code ‘TOTCQHX’ ‘BKRWRER’ and ‘VPBKRWRER’. The player can then use the item to send gifts to other players.

Robux is necessary for upgrading your personality, appearance, and other aspects of your avatar. It is also needed to enter special events or play games.

Why do you need Robux?

Oktoberfest on Roblox

The Roblox company is a game development platform that was


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ROBUX – The gamescurrency is used to buy upgrades, gear, objectives and lots of other things.

You need an amount of robux to activate Roblox’s premium feature.

In order to receive more robux, you can play multiplayer with your friends.

Don’t forget that there are tons of cheats and other resources you can use to help you. I will start with the first and most important cheat codes:


You can use the ANDROMEDA CHEAT CODE to play for free all day. If you’re a pro player, this is the best and fastest way to farm.


You can use the SMITE CHEAT CODE to play Smite for free all day. This is the best server to use if you want to play online on a public server.


You can use the LEBLIZZARD CHEAT CODE to play BlizzBoss for free all day.


You can use the ROBXENOCH CHEAT CODE to play Risk Eternal for free all day.


There are many useful cheats which will help you farm robux and andro:

If you want to farm and buy the premium feature, I recommend using this ROBLOXCHEATCODE CHEAT CODE.

All the Robux cheats and tips are divided into categories, so you can have an easy access to cheats by category. Let’s start with the Roblox category.


Roblox Cheats: If you’re on a mission in a town, you can go there and play for free.You can play for free in a free robot each day and receive robux, gold and rifts.

What do you need for this?

As the cheat says, you need a ROBLOXCHEATCODE

Great – let’s begin!


Select the cheats category and then click the “Cheats” button on the bottom of the screen.

Now you can choose the game you want to play. For this article I recommendyou to


What’s new:


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Roblox is one of the most widely used gaming platforms with millions of players online.
Thousands of gamers are playing online every day.

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How to get robux for Roblox games?

There are many Roblox games that you can play with robux.
Some of them are:

• Costume Creator

• Dodge Ball

• Lego Games

• Roblox Minecraft games

If you have a Roblox account, then you can easily play Roblox games with robux.
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