Rob Papen SubBoomBass 1.1.2 VST X86 X64l

Rob Papen SubBoomBass 1.1.2 VST X86 X64l

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Rob Papen SubBoomBass 1.1.2 VST X86 X64l

overdrive and distortion are available via the factory presets: bass overdrive (blues) and bass distortion (hard rock). there is also a separate bass delay and effects section: delay, which offers half-duplex, full-duplex, one-shot and ping-pong modes, plus a control for rate and rate shape, plus a hold switch for useful old-school delay in which you can simply hold a note and let the effect travel.

the envelope for the high and ultra-treble is best described as a hi-q control – albeit a hi-gain one. depending on your instrument, it is sometimes called a q modulator or a q vst. it adds a unique midrange-boosting and ultra-high midrange grit to the low and mid-bass, producing a real, full-bodied, fat sound.

vibrato is offered via the bass unit, allowing you to assign the vibrato from the soundfont. you can also use it as a separate effect via the vibrato option. there is also a mini-parameter for the same effect in the sequencer.

the original subboombass by rob papen is famous for being a very flexible bass synthesizer with two oscillators that offers a powerful arsenal of great sounds. now that youve had it for some time you must have used it a couple of times and you have probably got some nice presets in your collection, or even several individual waveforms, that you just cant really mix or combine without losing something. the new subboombass from rob papen fix that problem. the subboombass now comes with 2000 presets and has three new excellent waveforms for bass sounds. subboombass offers two new oscillators and a fx-section that provides all the usual key features such as two filters, an envelope follower, and both fm and ring mod.-mode. and all these new elements come at the price of smaller sized project and documentation, because most of the new parameters should be learned and used by users during the first tuning pass, allowing users to have a better overall customization range. the new sound has been produced for providing an excellent resonance.-character. the two oscillators can be split in two (interchangeable) semitone-tuned low and high resonant oscillator, or can be summed. the two oscillators can also be detuned to reach more low frequencies, thus resulting in much warmer bass sounds than usual. the fx-section provides many more effect circuits and sounds than the previous one, including a new comb-filters, multimode filter, an instrument bypass, a parametric eq, and a 3-band-eq. besides these new features the advanced user will appreciate the new manual by rob papen with a deeper look in all the new features of subboombass v2. the vst x86/x64 version has been included together with this manual. bassesource

Last of all, yes, there are some preset banks in the software. However, these are comprised almost entirely of cue sequences. I mean, if youre looking for more presets, you have a better option in the fact that you can create your own presets with the presets in the synth’s drum and bass categories. Now, the drum and bass presets are a bit limited when compared to what the synth has to offer. But, Rob Papen will likely have you covered for anything you could ask for in that department. In the end, it will be up to the user as to which you find more useful.
SubBoomBass 2 isn’t just great at generating sub frequencies. Its also very versatile in terms of arranging sounds and envelopes. The parameters are also clearly laid out. You can adjust every parameter for every sound. For example, you can tweak the filter parameters for its sustain, Q, and resonance. Just click on any of these parameters for a sonic tail to peek out of.
However, Rob Papen still has two left feet when it comes to making music. There are really no chordal keys, no modulation wheel, no sequencer, and no vocalizations. So, this version is really a synth for the sub masses.
The sound palette of SubBoomBass 2 is certainly compelling and there’s enough filters and effects types to keep you interested for a long time. The demo content in the synth has been pretty limited though. It’ll be up to you to create your own material based on the sounds at your disposal. And, no, this is a non-linear synth. All in all, the tool is great for sub bass sounds.

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