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What is HTTP?
A Site is a collection of webpages,
each of which is identified by a unique HTTP
URL. Every web browser supports the HTTP
protocol to access such sites.
A client (web browser, etc) requests
a web page from a server by sending a
HTTP request through the network to
the web server.
The server responds to the client’s
HTTP request by sending a HTTP response
through the network back to the client
by using its web server.
Internet Protocol (IP) is a networking
protocol providing a standard way for
computers to connect to and exchange
information with each other. HTTP is
based on a client-server model; that is,
every computer has both a server and a
A client can be represented by a
program such as a web browser, or a
web-based program such as an RSS
reader or an online spreadsheet

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We demonstrate all-optical Kerr comb generation using a periodically poled MgO-doped fiber with a length of 10 mm. By tuning the poling period of the poled fiber, we can generate more than 10-GHz-spaced filter-limited comb lines from a CW pump. A single comb line at 1.3-microm is generated by use of a comb generator consisting of two cascaded Mach-Zehnder-type optical interferometers. We also show that the fabricated comb generator can be further simplified by cascading only one of the two interferometers for tunable comb generation.WST (disambiguation)

WST may refer to:

Water-soluble tantalum, a material used in semiconductor manufacturing
Western Sea-Terminal, United Kingdom railway station code
Western Sea Terminal (Seoul), a railway station in Seoul, South Korea

Other uses
Wyoming State Theatre, in Cheyenne, Wyoming, U.S.
World Socialist tradition, the Marxist-Leninist tradition of the Trotskyist movement
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See also
W.S.T. (disambiguation)
6WST (disambiguation)1. Field of the Invention
This invention relates to a catalyst for purifying the exhaust gases from diesel engines that are suitable for use with modern diesel engines.
2. Description of the Prior Art
Diesel engines conventionally have a catalyst for purifying the exhaust gases passing therethrough, and an electrically operated air-fuel ratio control system for controlling the air-fuel ratio in the engine at a predetermined value. In a conventional diesel engine, a number of large-size catalyst substrates are disposed, one for each cylinder in the engine, so that the temperature of the catalyst substrates may be raised for the purpose of attaining a high purifying efficiency. It is then inevitable that the temperature of the exhaust gases from the engine will rise to a high level.
If the temperature of the exhaust gases is raised to a high level, however, there arises a disadvantage that the conventional catalyst elements that have been employed for the diesel engines, and the conventional electrically operated


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