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…It will be at the main stage on Saturday afternoon. My wife and I went to see this act when they played at Tower Hill Folk Festival in June. They are very pleasant and encouraging performers with good solid repertory (but no Dylan or Lennon). From what I hear, they will be on the main stage Saturday as well but I haven’t been able to confirm it yet.

I saw this act at the Hull Fete last weekend and highly recommend going and seeing them. I actually heard them at Hull Fete last year and a friend then asked me if they were worth seeing and I recommended them for a repeat performance. They did another set with them at the Fete as well. I can’t recall if they were the same set or if they repeated their first set.

They will be playing Saturday at 10:30 and Saturday night at 8.

I have them in my tour schedule for this spring with the Pink Floyd at Wulfsfield, the Bee Gees at Portsmouth Guildhall and T-Bone Walker at the Bridgewater Hall.

I have tickets for 3 concerts…I will try and go to the American show…but I do want to attend to the Palace Vaults show…I would love to see that venue!

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