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You’re the crew of an old bunker cruiser that is lost on a derelict planet. In its cargo hold you have found a huge supply of rechargeable fuel cells. But when you power them up, strange creatures start climbing out of the ground and attacking.
The scientist on board the ship says that her entire crew disappeared just as you came to investigate the strange distress beacon your ship picked up. All that is left behind is a list of names and contact details. Fortunately, you have a computer on board that is still operational. You can get a message to your home planet.
Your home planet is in panic, since there are signs that life on Earth is disappearing. The rest of the solar system is being ravaged by increasingly strange creatures that seem to grow bigger every year. Recently, creatures have emerged which consume all organic material. They only live in underground caves.
What are the mysterious cave creatures really looking for? It isn’t your ship. Why have they come to get you? And what will you do to survive?
About the Game:
In this fast-paced adventure game, brave the risks of a derelict planet. Immerse yourself in a vivid fantasy world that will challenge your mind and your reflexes.
Key Features:
• Immerse yourself in a well-thought out experience that starts with you on the dangerous first contact with the cave creatures and goes deep into the mysteries of the planet.
• A new genre of game play in its own right. Go beyond the standard point-and-click adventure, and delve deep into the world of physics, organic life and technology on the derelict planet.
• A challenging, yet highly cerebral adventure that will surprise you with its depth of thought and attention to detail.
• A vast world to explore, filled with mysteries and secrets to find!
• Hand drawn graphics and fluid animations.
• A soundtrack by well-known Dutch techno duo, De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig (The Youth of the 21st Century).
• No Microphone needed. Listen to the beautiful music.
Keywords:cave creature, adventure game, point and click adventure, interactive fiction, retro, first contact, derelict planet, science fiction, gothic horror, fantasy world, fantasy, religion, extraterrestrial, cyberpunk

Puzzle and adventure. Or are they the same? No matter which you say it’s as hard of a choice as you’ll ever face!


Features Key:

  • New story with more drama, higher in history, than previous strategy games.
  • Boosts stats of army, weapon, ships, to unlock good characters.
  • Hints for better success for people with less experience.
  • Save and register your progress with higher and lower difficulties.


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LAST DAYS, LONG HISTORY is a strategy game based on Chinese history. The conflict between Qin and Zhao is decided by noble civilization and its innovation.

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Prince Of Qin (LifeTime) Activation Code Free (Latest)

Good game with outstanding graphics and sound. Quests and areas all look very good. A very interesting story that is actually a little more complex than it first appears. Characters do not talk much, instead you are supposed to search for keys and items hidden in the environment. Unfortunately, the storyline does not flow as well as it should and the main quest can become quite confusing at times. Sound:

The voice acting in the game was very good, some voice actors also play more than one character. Music:

The soundtrack is very good as you can tell by listening to it while playing. There are also many different themes that can be accessed. The music can get annoying at times when you are rushing to finish a particular quest. You can purchase the soundtrack for this game if you would like it. Graphics:

The graphics are fantastic. The shadows and lighting are very good. The character animations are very good as well. However, they are very dated in some areas. Especially the some of the designs for the characters in the first section of the game. Game Play:

The game play is very fun and addictive. You can learn how to use the bow from anywhere as long as you have the right key. You can interact with the environment in different ways and earn money for different types of services. Enemies are easy to avoid but you must take into account the fact that you are using a bow and arrow. You must watch out for enemies while using the bow because arrows only go for a short distance and can be blocked. Also, you will often have to backtrack and search to see if you found the correct item.

Although this is one of the most fun games I have played, it can be extremely frustrating at times. The game does require a lot of persistence to be successful at times. You should not play this game if you want something easy or lighthearted. This game is a game of concentration and practice.

Prince of Qin is a fantasy themed computer game released in 2001 by the NDO Company. This game is based in the third century A.D. at the time of the first Qin emperor Qin Shi Huang and his conquest of China. The player takes on the role of a fugitive who must complete quests and collect items in order to raise their party and prove themselves to be worthy to take on the emperor.


Players control a young scribe named Shen from the imperial court. He was accused of performing evil sorcery on Qin Shi Huang and sentenced to death


What’s new:

The Prince of Qin was the ruler of the Qin state in ancient China. Yin Zheng, a direct descendant of Qin’s founding emperor Qin Shihuang, became Qin’s first ruler upon the death of its former king, King Wu of Zhou, in 560 BC. He was followed by his son Yin Chengsi, who in turn was succeeded by his son, Huang Xuan, who took the throne after Yin Chengsi’s death. After Huang Xuan, the thrones of Qin and Chu went to Xie Bi and his heirs while Qi and Jing were merged to form Zheng. The final Prince of Qin was Xue Ji. The Prince of Qin state ruled from 479 BC to 221 BC.

Although designated as the “Prince of Qin” sometimes by translators, the term was not a technical term in ancient China. It was a title of the supreme ruler in Chu, Qi, and Zheng, who, together with the ruler of Chu and the ruler of Qi, constituted the Ruling House.

Confucius, in his Analects, recognized the Princes of Qin as rulers but did not call them “Prince of Qin”.

Names and transliterations

The nomenclature used for this person is the subject of conflicting interpretations. He is referred to as such by, among others, Shih Pu (ii (Ch. 史皮)) and Guo Pu (J. 国譜), Yan Yithao (Y. Yiqi 儼一旧) etc. and the official names were:
a royal prince of Chu as a title, according to Zhou dynasty texts.
Qin Mohezong                          
Ji Mohezong                         
Nangong Mohezong                     
Mohezong   �


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    System Requirements For Prince Of Qin:

    This page describes the minimum and recommended hardware specifications required to run and play on the TBS. All specifications are subject to change at any time without prior notice.
    Graphics Requirements:
    Operating System:
    Graphics Card:
    Supporting Additional Cards:
    Dual GPU Multi-GPU with SLI and Crossfire
    TBS requires a single GPU and does not support SLI or Crossfire multi-GPU configurations.


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