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• About the game physics, by saving a soldier, always freezes the robots for half a minute, but they are still “alive”, capable of moving, because the game is constantly alive
• The game can be played with mouse, or with arrow keys, the situation is the same
• The game can be played as a single player, but the game becomes more exciting with a friend
• The game is played on different platforms and in different languages
• You can see in the game screenshots and videos for yourself, how the game looks like

PLUTO Robot Game APK Download for Android Mobiles and Tablets

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I found the script of the game, i hope my answer is helpful for you
I don’t know about any movie version of this game, but there is a good game for android called robot legends too, The good side is that this game is free and fun, the bad thing is that you have to hack your device and find the right apk file you have to download (I’m sure it’s not the one you find in some sites but you have to find it)

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Planet R-12 Features Key:

  • Precise engine for the latest PC platforms in 2D and 3D.
  • Amusing and beautiful engine design and graphic simulation.
  • Classic cartoon animation mode.
  • Simple and intuitive gameplay.
  • Amazing and various enemies.
  • Full-fledged game system for battle.
  • Over the Internet network mode.
  • A large variety of battle game modes and 5 game modes to select from.
  • Have you been dreaming to lead your own planet unit? To appear in the civil war of the Planet and be the savior of the planet? Do you want to become the absolute ruler of the Planet? To control all the region? To rule over all the region? In rocket battle, you must have your own pilots and warriors. They are your life and the grace of your body. To build a powerful team, you can extend your recruiting power. The longer it is, you can recruit more pilots, or, if having is not enough, you can buy more recruits with the power-up items. In the history of the Planet, there are many well-known stories. To win and conquer the planet, you must not only be intelligent, but you should also have the spirit of adventure. This action game by RPG developer Conbrio Studios is a premium game and it comes with campaign and sandbox modes.

Platform: Windows98/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/8.1/10/Server 2008/2012/8.1/10.1/16.0


  • ESRB: ESRB Rating: Everyone 10
  • File Size: 7368.0 MB
  • Language: English, Chinese, Russian, German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, French, Korean
  • Play Time: Approx. 90 mins.


Planet R-12 Incl Product Key Download [Win/Mac] [Updated-2022]

What is the Planet R-12?It’s the most intelligent planet in the universe. It has a magnificent science. Robots too. Robots have created a government for them, they developed a civilization and a planet of their own. Robots want us to live on the planet. Their campaign to take the planet of Earth from its inhabitants is going to realize. There are many robots, the most powerful is called the R-12. Its attacks on the planet Earth are planned in advance. Destroyers of the Planet R-12 are capable of destroying planets. Their creators too, not only destroyers, but also destroyers of the planet R-12, but the R-12 retains its abilities and powers.
It will take your part in the fight to save not just your planet, but the entire universe.


Planet R-12 doesn’t look particularly like a lot of other indie RPGs. (For example, it doesn’t look a whole lot like Journey.)
There are two main ways to interact with your soldiers.

Move them around
Talk to them

Soldiers are marked with a number, and appear in a list at the bottom of the screen. Click on a number to select them. Click on the arrow beside the number to change the order they are in (1 to 7). The order is important, because an order of 1 will have a much higher hit rate than a order of 7.
You’ll need to make sure they are ordered correctly, because if a soldier is active (on-screen, in the battle) he will have a number on the bottom of the screen. The soldier will also have health and, for each soldier in your squad, a skill. You can control the order in which the soldiers gain skills by controlling the order in which you give them the skill.
When a soldier’s skills are fully charged, he’ll be able to perform their skill. Once a soldier has used his skill once, he’ll lose the skill until he gains a new one.
The overall strategy of the game is to simply button mash, and spam the attack skills.
I’m not sure whether your game is being rushed or not, but there are two main groups of enemies in the game.

Mecha enemies with more than 40 lines to collect -gameplay- with more than 40 lines of code making the game mechanics passable.

Robots on the list that is removed and that does not pass the combat.

Robot the enemy


Planet R-12 Latest

NEWUNIQUE: Fight using skillpoints (for example the soldier can teleport or damage enemies with his machine gun, deploy smoke grenades or run around)

*NEW* you can control the soldier directly, drag them around the game screen

*NEW* If you use skills you can spend skillpoints, and if the soldier doesn’t have enough skillpoints will be charged for attack or reaction.Q:

TextBox not updating in RowCommand event

I’m trying to update a database in the RowCommand event in a grid view. The grid is populated from a dataset. I want to update a column in the database based on the contents of a TextBox. However, the updated column doesn’t seem to be updated in the database. I’ve verified by logging and inspecting the event arguments that the correct row and column is being updated. It’s just that the grid is not updating.
My GridView:

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What’s new:

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    High Yield Motor Water Heater

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    Download Planet R-12 PC/Windows


    How To Install and Crack Planet R-12:

  • Download & Install The Game From This Link
  • Then Run The Setup
  • Then Copy The Crack
  • Then Run It


  • This Is The Original Game No Series Or Cities Build
  • R-12 Do Not Have Paid Parallax City


  • $ Primary Pack Installation Instructions:
  • Download & Install The Game From This Link
  • Then Run The Setup
  • Then Copy The.GBA Multi-Pack
  • Then Run It


  • Do I need a PS3 to be able to download the Planet R-12?
  • The Planet R-12 Simulator is the best Planet R-12 replacement of 2016!
  • Here is a.iso file of Planet R-12: just download and run it

jkbali2020: If you have trouble just download a Planet R-12 Simulator and run it inside of a.iso…  No need to download the original.iso

partoftheproblem: Make sure you have a NON-RUNNING Planet R-12

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