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Why is it called “Free Electrons”?

I just started learning about semiconductors.
But why is it called “free electrons”?
Why do we call them free? They are not really free, as there is an external electron (or rather a negative ion) which tries to maintain the same charge (neutrality) as it has.
So, how do we distinguish between “free electrons” and “electrons inside a material”?


The free electrons are the ones that are not in an atom’s nucleus. They are freed from that and move about in the atom’s valence shell. There is a limit to how far they can travel in the valence shell, called the “escape radius” for the atom. There is an infinite amount of potential energy in that they can have, and you need not apply any electrical force to them to go to that far (and nothing keeps them there — free electrons do their thing in the absence of anything to stop them).
The term refers to the fact that these free electrons are, “by their nature”, free from the influence of the nucleus, be it potential energy or whatever. As such, they are free. They are free to move anywhere without an electric field being applied to them to move there. In this sense, free electrons are “free”.


Because they have no charge, and electrons are “free” to move in the first place. Free electrons are often contrasted with bound electrons: they are not in fixed orbits around the nucleus, but can move anywhere in the material. The term was coined by Herbert Fröhlich in 1942.


As Dan M already pointed out, an electron is not “free” if it is bound into an atom. But in an environment of neutral particles, it is also free, in the sense that it can move around without having to be driven by a field. Electrons in an atom are “bound” to the nucleus. If they leave the atom, they are not “free” anymore.
On the other hand, one can also talk about the electrons in a conductor as being “free”: they can move anywhere, because an electrical field is applied to them. They also have a finite velocity.

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