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The application of mechanical flexibility in the fabrication of polymeric elastic microstructures has been limited to few works, for the development of biosensors and the fabrication of optical devices, due to difficulties in the fabrication of the required microstructures. Herein we propose a novel methodology for fabrication of multifunctional microstructures using the direct polymerization of polymer monomers in a liquid metasilica porous network. The generated polymeric microstructures had an initial elastic modulus around 1000 kPa which was reduced to 29 kPa after complete polymerization of the sample. The samples were fabricated using different ratios of polymer monomer and metasilica, which resulted in different thicknesses of the polymer layer. Microstructures with a thickness of 500 µm and a density of ∼400,000 cm-2 were obtained by taking advantages of the synthesis conditions. Such microstructures were also transparent and elastic. They were successfully applied for the fabrication of tunable optical fibers. The ability to fabricate high-density, multifunctional, and optically transparent elastic microstructures using a simple approach paves the way for the development of advanced micro-devices and the application of micro-Fiber Bragg Gratings and integrated electro-optical devices in the medical, bio-sensing and telecommunications fields.City authorities on Dec. 27 reversed a decision to allow a cemetery to double as a professional sports stadium.

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