MotioninJoy 060003 Amd64 Signed (1).zip ((HOT))

MotioninJoy 060003 Amd64 Signed (1).zip ((HOT))


MotioninJoy 060003 Amd64 Signed (1).zip

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Stop/start pump during in-app purchase

I have a pump that needs to operate based on user action in my app (by connecting to a bluetooth transmitter). I can’t use subscriptions because the user would need to turn on the pump to get the benefit.
How would I stop/start the pump based on user action (like tapping a button, etc.)?


Just call the start or stop methods for your pump. You can start and stop pumping while the PumpingState is Pumping:
[pump start];

[pump stop];

In terms of your user action, you should certainly be able to figure that out. If you tap a button, that would mean a user has completed a transaction.


Are there distinct ways to get General Relativity in 2d?

There is a series of lectures on GR by Jeffrey Goldstone (USC, 2016) starting at 65:00, and a discussion on youtube starting at 1:01:24.
Given this series of lectures and topic of discussion, I believe that the following table is generally true:
\hline \text{Underlying theory} & \text{Two-dimensional context} \\
\hline \text{General Relativity} & \text{Relativistic fluid dynamics} \\
\hline \text{In three spacetime dimensions} & \text{Fluid dynamics with a fixed spacetime metric} \\
\hline \text{In four spacetime dimensions} & \text{M

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