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QoS (Quality of Service) is a method of allocating resources and scheduling them across multiple devices on a network. QoS defines the allocation of resources and specifies how these resources should be managed on a network.
Allocated resources can be managed by the 802.1AB MAC level Flow Control function, e.g. IEEE 802.1P priority marking, IEEE 802.1D priority marking or IEEE 802.1D DVLAN tagging. The marking controls the allocation of data frames sent by a station by marking the frames with a priority level, typically high for data frames and low for frames that constitute for management and other traffic.
The 802.1P EqP (Equal Priority) function is a queue management protocol used to send queues of data or frames, thereby providing the same priority to all frames.
Data Frames are data units carried in frames. They are identified by a priority, which specifies an interframe spacing and is used to allocate bandwidth resources. Data frames are normally further classified by type (data frame, management frame, etc.), with many levels of prioritization also.
On a standard Ethernet LAN, each node receives and transmits data frames from/to the rest of the network by passing each data frame to the next node in the network, until it reaches the destination. Data frames are generally not categorized by type, but are differentiated by the Frame Check Sequence which is calculated from the data units. Data frames with errors and noncompliant data units are discarded.
Data frames are mapped to messages by the Media Access Control (MAC) Layer. They are either sourced by upper layers or destination by upper layers. IEEE 802.1 defines several types of messages. Data frames are divided into two categories: control information (such as the frame check sequence) and data. Control information is encapsulated within a data frame and has a lower priority than normal data.

L.L.G.This is a beta version of the Fuzzy Controller integrated with Environmental Dashboard.It takes in readings from many peripherals connected to your Arduino and gives an instant diagnosis on the current room temperature using a Fuzzy Logic.
The entire process will only take some minutes.

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