Marshall Mathers Lp 2000 Download Zip [WORK]

Marshall Mathers Lp 2000 Download Zip [WORK]


Marshall Mathers Lp 2000 Download Zip

the songs came together in 1999, mostly on tour, while mathers was living in amsterdam. he hadnt been back to the states since he was a little kid, and it had been a tough, somber time for him, the last time he didnt have to face public scrutiny and scrutiny from the press. in amsterdam, he was spending time with his baby girl, daz d, and avoiding the l.a. scene. he had moved out of his parents home and into a spacious loft with a view of the countryside and the occasional buzzard overhead. there were many nights when he would write lyrics, and other nights when he couldnt sleep. so, he listened to music to help him sleep. the songs he wrote during that time were mostly about his experiences with abuse, and his fear of death. he was dealing with the memory of his stepfathers funeral, and his fears of leaving daz d behind for college.

the first two songs on the marshall mathers lp are the only things that dont deal directly with either of his abusive pasts. thats not to say that dont forget about me, a slitheringly sinister two-minute address to a ghost, doesnot deal with abuse. in fact, the first song on the album, a frenetic, blistering, shouted chorus about falling in love with a woman who had him on a leash and then dropped him, is the most brutal thing eminem has ever recorded.

abuse, of course, is a loaded word. the notion that one person can legitimately abuse another, especially a child, is so counterintuitive that its almost comical. in the same way, who could legitimately love a woman so much that she would drop him for another, even if she claimed she did? these are the questions eminem asks himself in the first two songs on the marshall mathers lp. he doesnt ask himself how he could abuse another person, even if he had to.

when we give in to the thing we hate, we taint ourselves by association. eminem was not a bigot; he was black. he was not a pornographer; he was recording songs about the female form. he was not a homophobe; he was recording songs about homophobia. he was not a misogynist; he was recording songs about female domination. he was not a faggot; he was recording songs about gaydom. that one was a true statement, and yet the marketing people at interscope gave him the title the marshall mathers lp. he is none of those things, nor are they mutually exclusive. after all, eminem flirted with all of them in his lyrics, before and after the marshall mathers lp. but only then as theater. but when he performs the songs, he creates a context where he can say things he couldnt say in the songs.
ok, so i was listening to the marshall mathers lp for the first time and it does sound a bit like a grandfather clock, in an ancient fashion. the beat shifts between rumbling bass and the more modern-sounding samples that make modern hip hop (mastodon, especially). the songs flow like a river, with rap verses hovering over the top. eminem saves his best for this album, starting off with his most famous song, stan. it’s about a suburbanite who has a hidden passion for rap, while his family and girlfriend are oblivious. but that is just a taste of what happens to eminem as the album progresses. he deals with faith, with superstition, he deals with a bad mother, and he deals with the difficulty of fatherhood.
the album title is in reference to the character of eminem s character, marshall mathers (played by eminem), and is an extended metaphor for the recording process of the marshall mathers lp. eminem writes most of the songs on the album as drafts, and includes these “trash tapes” with messages of encouragement to himself. they were originally included in media descriptions of the album or in interviews with eminem during recording sessions. eminem pens three-chord, simple songs and fights with many of the songs. twelve of these are written by eminem. the song “cleanin’ out my closet” (which lasts four minutes and 30 seconds) is a complete introduction to the album and the subject of controversy. it is a rap verse and refrain that is repeated throughout the album. with its slow thudding beat, it is one of the most known and loved songs on the album. some believe it is a prayer to god. (eminem claims that it is only a satanic ritual, leaving behind the pentagram sigil and other occult symbols.) the song relates to the pile of tapes from his “trash-talking” days, when he would air out his views of the world. the entire song, and all of the other songs on the album, are 12 minutes long, making the marshall mathers lp his longest single album.

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