Library of modern man

In this article, we will touch on a topic that applies not only to student life, but this does not make it less useful.

More recently, by historical standards, it was believed that if a person can read, then he is, if not a learned man, then at least an educated person. Unfortunately, this state of affairs is still preserved in many third world countries, but I hope that the dear reader does not have the pleasure of living in such places.

In the modern world, the ability to read in itself is a basic skill and does not cause admiration. The main thing in the modern world is the knowledge that is gleaned from books. But now we will not touch on the topic of knowledge, but let’s talk about the book as a carrier of information. It is also important to have a large library in order to be able to write various studies and works. For example, in order for how to write a persuasive essay, you need to use a lot of high-quality resources. This is another reason to have a large library.

If we forget about rock art, cuneiform writing, writing on parchments and animal skins, then it was the book that for a long time remained the main source of knowledge for mankind. However, progress is inexorably striding across the planet, and now there are many substitutes for the book in its classic form.

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