IRacing Torrent Download ((TOP)) [Ativador]

IRacing Torrent Download ((TOP)) [Ativador]


IRacing Torrent Download [Ativador]

may 2019 updates

this release brings a host of new features, including over 40 new cars, 9 new circuits, a bunch of new v7 tires, a completely new damage model, and much more!

here are some highlights of the latest release:
rondec electra cup – 2018
lucas oil off road pro 2 lite (free!)
skip barber formula 2000 – re-built from the ground up!
lime rock park – re-built from the ground up!
lucas oil off road pro 2 lite – a complete package!
kia optima (now free!)
friends list for the iracing beta interface
consolidated and updated the block/blacklist
v7 tires have been added to a select set of vehicles
beta-test version of the new damage model for the skip barber formula 2000
new layered track temperature modeling
hdr rendering linear format lighting
lens/solar flare effect
a set of new crash sounds
a set of new flagman animations
french spotter package
german spotter package
italian spotter packages
portuguese spotter package
spanish spotter package
much more!

the first time you boot up iracing, youll be in a quick start guide. here, youll learn how to navigate the interface, some of the features, and the basics of racing. also, youll be presented with your first race, the gtc race. the quick start guide also covers iracing terms such as race, race series, race day, and race point.

we recommend that you watch the following video before you begin your game play. the video, which is also your first race, is called quick start. you will need to view this video to get started racing and to learn how to race. view this video by clicking the download button on the upper left of the page.

welcome to iracing 2025 season 1! weve arrived in 2020, and iracing has come a long way! weve added new tracks, cars, and licenses, the two newest forms of racing. the iracing community is growing every day. with the addition of a new set of racing licenses, the sims are coming to iracing!some highlights include:- 10 new event circuit configurations (thanks to the amazing work from the sim racing society!)- two new races: the fim endurance world championship, and the world endurance championship- two new licenses: the american and european endurance championship, and the class 3 european sprint car championship
today we introduce the new iracing car damage model! this year iracing introduces a new way to simulate damage. the previous damage model was limited to the chassis of the cars. in this new model, the chassis, as well as all body panels and windows of the car are simulated. this new model is the result of a partnership between iracing and 3d damage model developer, simworld. we are very excited about the results and look forward to continuing to improve the damage model and the game. for this season, we have enabled the damage model on the following cars:
you can check out the full list of supported cars here: > iracing torrent download [ativador] new this year are the european championship and the aussie v8 supercars. both series have been updated and expanded. the result is some new events and new races. we will have more information about the new events soon.
in the latest update you will be able to find sessions on the modal, on the car or track overview page. you can even find sessions on the car overview page, and race schedule pages. this can be done in the iracing menu under racing, and selecting the “find sessions” option.

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