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Roblox: Kids vs Monsters Collision Course

Roblox Kids vs Monsters Collision Course This is the Unofficial Roblox Kids vs MonstersReal LifeRoblox Collision Course. This is the Part with all of the real roblox kids. Subscribe:
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This is a Roblox Collision Course.

My Toughest Dilemma: Roblox Kids vs Monsters

Roblox Kids vs Monsters This is my guide to my tough dilemma, Roblox. Kids vs Monsters: Roblox. Kids vs Monsters: Roblox. Roblox Kids vs Monsters. There are so many kids in this world. But very few of them, have the ability to create videos like me. I take the time to create videos, which can be very tough. This takes time. Kids playing Roblox take time. There was a time, where I spent 5 hours a day on Roblox. Playing games, and making movies. But when I started to grow, I wasn’t able to spend that much time in playing Roblox. I was spending over 6 hours a day of my time. In school and growing, and I still spent 5 hours a day. In playing Roblox


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Directional Cursor Boost

Go on the Help Page -> Options -> Input Settings and click on the Advanced tab. TIP: Press alt to access the options menu. Then press N to focus the game input text box. Turn on the Right-click Input button. With this you can jump with your right mouse button.

Get More Tickets

Connect to Roblox via Google Chrome or Firefox and go to the “Inspect Element” tab and press CTRL + ALT + I or F12. With this you can send requests to the server with players and robux.

Boost Zombies

Load up a Zombie in a Zombie Tank (available by the red pool or by the “Build” option) and spawn another Zombie. If they are alive, you can load the Zombie tank again and use it. TIP: The amount of times you can spawn a Zombie is limited.

Remove Armor

Go on the Help Page -> Options -> Player Settings and click on the Display tab. TIP: Press alt to access the options menu. On the Display panel, turn down the “Focus Input” toggle. Then turn down the “Focus Camera” toggle.




Free Robux

Just make your best player and avoid playing the game for 10 minutes. Even on full sleep you can get free robux and these players have much more robux than others.

Highlight Level

In any level go to the level and choose a player named “Free Robux”. Then go to them and press “Crouch”, “Prone”, “Kneel”, “Roll”, “Jump” and “Jump again”.


On most levels, instead of pressing the jump button, jump into the air. Right after that, you will see a slow-motion effect of yourself falling down. Press the jump button again and your self will be right in the game. TIP: To make your jumping easier, press space on your keyboard instead of jumping when on ground. TIP: Right-click to turn on/off the jumping effect, by pressing the Q, E or W buttons.

Prevents Resetting in Racing Minigame

On the minigame “Fast food truck race” on the nearby park, there is a pile of junk


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