HD Online Player (Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Multiplayer)


HD Online Player (Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Multiplayer)

black ops 2 multiplayer will feature a persistent progression system that will reward players for their efforts. as you gain xp and level up, you’ll be able to unlock attachments, skins, and more for your weapons.

five blackout playlists will be included in the game, each with its own set of rules and objectives. these maps will be available for a short period of time on a rotating basis, and will change with each online season.

blackout’s maps will include new ones that will be featured in the regular online rotation. no details have yet been revealed on how many players will be able to play together in online multiplayer or blackout, but activision promises more details at gamescom.

call of duty: black ops ii is the ultimate multi-player game. experience the next generation of call of duty multiplayer with upgraded visuals, more weapons and a revolutionary zombies experience, all in the most advanced multiplayer game of the year. the only thing left to play is your way.

call of duty: black ops ii is the ultimate multi-player game. experience the next generation of call of duty multiplayer with upgraded visuals, more weapons and a revolutionary zombies experience, all in the most advanced multiplayer game of the year.

the game modes break up into four sections, each catering to different preferences. core contains the standard match types like: team deathmatch, demolition, search and destroy, capture-the-flag, and the new hardpoint mode. party games holds the old wager match game types from the first black ops, like one in the chamber, gun game, sharpshooter, and sticks and stones. combat training lets beginners ease into multiplayer by mixing other newbies with bots and have them compete in the standard matches. then there are custom matches

prestige is being handled a bit differently in blops 2. setting back your multiplayer level will no longer completely reset everything youve accomplishedweapon experience and challenge progress will not disappear. also, each time you prestige, you will receive a reward in the form of a permanent unlock, which is spent with a prestige token, and a choice between unlocking an extra create-a-class slot, the ability to completely reset your stats, and refunding your unlock tokens (essentially respeccing, for you rpg buffs).
for the diehard call of duty players who immerse themselves in the series’ online multiplayer, black ops 2 will offer an unprecedented amount of gameplay options, customization, and long-term rewards. treyarch is including more than a thousand multiplayer challenges that dish out xp bonuses and cosmetic customization items. those customizations include special camouflage textures for guns, an extensive emblem editor, unlockable backgrounds, and special holographic weapon sights. two holographic sites treyarch seemed particularly proud of were the handlebar moustache optic and a biohazard optic inspired by manufacturer eotech’s xps2 zombie stopper.
call of duty: black ops ii, is a first-person shooter developed by treyarch and published by activision. this is the ninth main installment for the call of duty franchise, as well as being the first call of duty game available to an 8th generation console (wii u), and was released on november 13, 2012. [3] it is the direct sequel to call of duty: black ops and was announced on may 1, 2012, during an nba playoff game. it is the first game made by treyarch to be set in the future, and also the first direct sequel produced for the series by the studio.


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