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Garmin MapSource 6.15.6 Special Download Pc

I have 10.1 PDA without usb connection. I connected my PC to the PC and then connected the GPS through a cable. When I tried to transfer a map file from the PC to the Garmin-800, i am getting the below message:




Some devices were found; however, none have the necessary


Please make sure your device is connected to the computer and

turned on, then try again.

You may also need to set the interface option on your GPS to

‘Garmin’ or ‘Host’.




The GPS is connected and is in GARMIN mode.


Thank you


PS: I have upgraded the firmware to the latest version (102.07.07). Currently I am unable to find my Garmin 800 on the Garmin device list. Any help would be highly appreciated!

9. I have a 640 C serial GPS mount to a PC VGA system with garmin 800. I downloaded the map file (750MB). I brought a 20GB external drive. I started transfer on the GPS and the transfer started but then the transfer stopped. The garmin 800 and PC connection were both fine. How do I fix this one?

It looks like you have an older gps device that you would like to upgrade. Basecamp is for newer versions that come with a native GPS. So you may just download that newer map, sign in to your gps and activate the map. As long as you have permission to use the data, the map will appear. If you have already signed in and have your GPS already connected, it will just show the map data.

I’ve just downloaded the mapsource from the Garmin website again. I’ve installed it in all the same places as before (C:) and it works fine on my computer. I just downloaded and installed the 6.15.6 version of mapsource and I am now able to send my map to my gps but when I select it in the msg., I get this message from the gps unit. This message was received at 10:16 a.m. GMT on 4/19/2010. Sending a long file failed. The file was not sent successfully.
Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful. Could your problem be an intermittent incompatibility with the gps device. I would like to know if you can get Mapsource 6.15.6 to work for you with some other devices than your gps.
I have MapSource 6.15.6 and I was trying to download a new map to my GPS unit (i.e. I had not yet downloaded a new map). I tried downloading the new map (using MapSource 6.15.6) but when I select the map, I get an error message that says ‘this message was received at 16:58 GMT on 9/4/2010. The file was not sent successfully’ The location of the map is correct (it is in the C:\Program Files\MapSource folder). I have used the same steps to download Mapsource before and I can use Mapsource in general.
I have it installed, but I don’t know how to send a map to the gps unit. I am using a Transponder Garmin 910L. I have mapsource 6.15.6. I don’t know where to put the map file I want to send to my gps.
The Windows\GARMIN\MAPS folder, is a hidden folder that contains the GUID, folder name and a map file. For some reason, the MapSource program knows to look in this folder. The files in here should be the same as those on the disk. If not, you might try moving the map file to the top of the folder.

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