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On the pull-down menu, select More Suggestions, as shown in Figure 4. Display the More Suggestions window by clicking Open (Windows).

2. There are a number of search settings. The default was set when the repository was created and cannot be changed. To change the settings:

Display the Files tab by clicking it. To remove a specific search preference, click the setting you want to remove. Figure 7. To remove all search preferences, click Remove All.


On the main repository page, click Settings, as shown in Figure 8. You can perform an advanced search by choosing Filter Results by Subfolder. On the right side of the Settings pane, click Advanced Search Settings, as shown in Figure 9.

Click the Checkbox in the Search URL section to specify whether to include or exclude search results in the Search URL used for advanced search, as shown in Figure 9.

Figure 9. You can exclude or include search results in advanced search.

In the DNS Searching section, click the Checkbox to enable, as shown in Figure 10.


Click the Checkbox in the Ignore case of file names section to force using case-sensitive name searching, as shown in Figure 10.


Figure 10. You can perform a case-sensitive search.

Click Add Folder to add a folder. By default, folders are not checked. To check a folder, click the folder and then click Check Folder.

In the Filtering Results section, make your choices. Filter files and folders by size, status (Tagged, Verified, Untagged, Verified, Trashed, or Verified), and folder name. When you set the folder name, make sure the folder name is the name of a folder on the filesystem, as the CIFS protocol is case-sensitive. However, Windows does not preserve case when comparing names, so ensure that the folder name you specify is the folder name.


Figure 11. You can filter files and folders by size and folder name.


Click OK to save the search settings. In a subsequent search, your new choices are reflected. In the search results, the checkboxes are grayed out and cannot be changed. By default, the CIFS protocol is enabled and different results are returned if it is enabled. You can perform a search with different settings to see how the various search parameters affect the results.

How to download YouTube videos to VLC Player Free?

The Internet is also abundant in many other file types, including video and sound files. But we have also heard from many of our users that they are not finding ways to download these types of files.

So, here is an easy video downloader for Windows, which can download YouTube videos to VLC Player. You can use this software to download any video from YouTube and other video streaming websites. You can use this downloader to save your favorite videos to your computer.

What are the types of video downloaders that we have right now? There are two general types of video downloaders – the full video downloaders, and the freeware video downloaders. The full video downloader is a software that is available at a paid price for users.

But there are also freeware video downloaders, which are available to download. There are even some free or shareware video downloaders. With this video downloader, you can download videos from your favorite websites – including YouTube, Google, and many other video streaming sites.

Thus, you can save your favorite videos from YouTube and other video streaming websites to your computer. If you are looking for a simple and easy-to-use video downloader, you can choose a full video downloader if you want to download your favorite videos and save them to your hard disk.

But if you have many videos saved to YouTube or other streaming websites, you can choose the freeware video downloader. And if you want a video downloader that can automatically download all the videos to a folder or playlist, then you can use this video downloader.

You should also check the video downloader reviews to see which video downloader is the best video downloader for your computer.

What is a Software Distro?

You know, we have already talked about the different types of video downloaders. Now, we will briefly talk about the different types of software distros. You can use this software distro to download a software that has a DVD version and an online version.

You can also use a software distro to download many software from the Internet. For example, you can download an easy photo downloader for Windows 10. Thus, you can save your favorite pictures from different websites.

After that, you can also use a software distro to download the software manually. Thus, you can save them to your computer. In fact, you can

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