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An integrated circuit may include circuits for processing signals. These circuits may receive differential signals that may be shifted in phase. In order to process such differential signals, the integrated circuit may include a clock generating circuit that receives the differential signals and generates a clock signal.
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(I have not been able to find information on whether the Pooling model for electricity rates is already in action in the United States. It is looking as if it is everywhere.)

The one-off over-estimation of demand is also going to be felt in the oil industry. The economics of the oil industry will change so that it takes more time, effort and money to produce a unit of oil. We will see long waiting times for lines, as demand falls. We will have less storage capacity, as demand drops.

If nobody produces oil and energy, there is no demand for the storage capacity or for the transportation systems to deliver the goods. At that point, there is only one way out. If energy is not available, nobody has anything.

That was the huge implication of the first Clinton energy plan. What happened next proved it a great success. The plan called for huge steps in wind, solar, and gas installations in the USA. It called for building the necessary infrastructure to meet this demand.

One of the biggest leaps in the first Bush energy plan came in the new and improved version. This time they included a huge amount of tax cuts to encourage the development of solar and wind power in the USA. Much of the tax cut was used to subsidize these new technologies.

As we have seen, a lot of the tax breaks have gone to encourage gas production in the last couple of years. More and more of the tax breaks have gone to oil companies.

The global effect of this is huge. The more governments encourage the production of energy


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