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in a move that could spell a shift in the way these businesses operate, the two countries will start a limited trade agreement on monday, the ministry of commerce said. so far, the agreement has allowed citizens of both countries to travel within their borders with no restrictions, but it had also allowed millions of people to travel among their respective countries with low-value imports.

green tea can help prevent men from developing a dangerous heart condition when they have coronary artery disease or have had a heart attack, say researchers. a study in japan has shown that green tea can be used to slow down the thrombosis (clotting of blood) that causes heart attacks and strokes in some people.

it was the biggest international diplomatic crisis of the last 12 years. the u.s. government retaliated for the attack by pulling out of the futenma marine corps air station agreement, the security pact that allows u. and japanese forces to come together to counter security threats. this was the last vestige of the u.-japan security treaty, which had been signed in 1965. the pact only allowed washington, d.c. to station a total of 6,000 troops in okinawa, including a u. base and a marine aviation battalion. it did not allow forces in the united states to move to japan. japanese public opinion sharply criticized the deal.

a top intelligence official said the fbi was aware of comments made on internet bulletin boards about the upcoming attack. the bureau, however, said it had no information to indicate that the attack was imminent and had not increased its security preparations or stepped up cooperation with foreign authorities or the japanese government.

that was all north carolina needed. of course, duke got greedy. it started with a breach of etiquette: andrew white threw a pass that was called forward, and an official threw the ball back at the ref. by the time he got his whistle out, the ball was inbounded.
i never got anyone to say i didnt deserve it. no reason to start now. but i tell you what, this is what you do after a great season and a title win. youre gonna have a little bit more in your stomach, a little bit more left in the tank, and your knees arent going to be as fresh.
and boy, did he shock the basketball world. freshman phenom zion williamson returned in stride for the first time since his leg injury two weeks ago, to snap villanuaa 31-game winning streak with a sickening dunk. the bulldogs were just getting warmed up.
after firing up a couple of shots in the final minutes, villanova fans started chanting, we won. and the wildcats had no response. (well, a few did. a little later, a dunk over his good friend jay wright.)
there are no 2-sport schools in college basketball. the number of division i men who play football and basketball (as defined by the ncaa) in the same season is zero. playing both sports in the same season is not a ncaa thing. its an acc thing. most of the ncaa considers basketball a summer sport. its football.
with the clock winding down, villanovas ochai agbajian, the wichita state forward known as the boom-boom, missed a long 3-pointer. then he missed two in a row, and the no. 2 seed was just 15 seconds away from being one and done.
kansas is a very good basketball team. its by far the most-hyped team in college basketballs biggest city, the most-hyped in its biggest television market, and the most-hyped based on tradition. yet the jayhawks and wildcats have never played. when oklahoma state does play kansas in the big 12 tournament, we get to witness how good the jayhawks really are.


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