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* Connect cities in your country by implementing a transport network
* Use resources from cities and industries to operate/upgrade them
* Plan the transport of resources in your country
* Experience the continuing story with an alternative campaign
* Produce and export resources
* Import and export goods and currency
* Upgrade cities
* Use day-/night cycle
* If a campaign is not played, both the day-/night cycle and the birth and death of cities are simulated (i.e. without a campaign is not counted)
* All aspects of player gameplay are based on the choices and decisions the player makes: it is about the user’s input and the calculations made by the game
* Additional content is constantly added.
If you want to play but don’t know where to start, the world map is based on real data. You can select a world, and receive a mapping of the available areas where you can build transport lines. You may also select a campaign and three cities.
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Mini Countries
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Mini Countries – Free

Mini Countries is a level-based strategy/puzzle game where a resource transport network must be built for a country. Each level stands for a country that has different resources and characteristics. An ever increasing number of cities requires skill and good planning to meet the global request of resources for all cities. Upgrade cities and industries to provide better materials to your more demanding inhabitants.With update 1.3 there also comes a second campaign. In Africa there are 8 new levels with 18 more resources. Additional content (storage & industry upgrade, day-/night cycle and more events) is also available. Build trade buildings to produce resources in your country Make sufficient storage buildings available Transport resources from storage buildings to demanding cities Choose new items each month to bring your country forward Plan your resource production according to different seasons Upgrade resources by constructing industry buildings Import resources which are not produced in your country Export resources to generate knowledge Integrate famous landmarks into your country Decide on one branch for the development of your cities: Workers’ cities allow trade and industry buildings to produce resources faster and science cities improve the growth rate and thus the generation of further knowledge points Not every resource can be produced in every season but cities demand resources continuously for this reason, it is important to always produce and store enough resources so that every city can be supplied with all the


Features Key:

  • Original sword and armor fantasy theme
  • A challenging gameplay with Super Attacks, critical hits, sweep and super smash attacks
  • Save and reset game buttons
  • Two multiplayer modes: team and free for all.
  • Play with classic characters or build your own custom class warrior.
  • Multiplayer online.
  • Fighting enemies from all over the entire world.
  • A powerful and stunning adventure to discover!


Dungeon Warriors Free License Key For Windows

Dungeon Warriors is a free, boxed content that includes a set of seven Quick Adventure modules that can be used in any AD&D Dungeon Master’s Guide campaign or ruleset. Each of the modules provides a core adventure or encounter that you can convert into a virtual tabletop, such as Fantasy Grounds or Roll20.
Key Features
Seven Quick Adventures – These are seven different Quick Adventures that can be used to simulate whole campaigns, similar to the Dungeon Master’s Guide. You can use the modules in existing campaigns, or to create a new one.
Fantasy Grounds – Each Quick Adventure uses the Fantasy Grounds format, so you can just load the file and play.
Freeware – These Quick Adventures are ready for you to use right away.
Compatible with Dungeons & Dragons – Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition and 5th Edition are both supported for play.
Overview of the Module:
These modules provide you with the core content for a small campaign or encounter that can be used to simulate a one-shot or quick adventure. The 7 included adventures can be used with Fantasy Grounds or as standalone modules in a Savage Worlds game or any other RPG.
These modules can be used in any campaign, even those that aren’t specifically Dungeons & Dragons. In some cases, the DM may need to tailor these adventures to fit a particular campaign.
First, they include a [Prep-Time] section that details where the adventure fits within the story, and in other cases, they include a [Map] section if the adventure has a map or notes associated with it. These sections give you an idea of how the adventure might be used, and they help to fit the adventure into any campaign.
Each of the adventures then has detailed [Core Story] sections, which describe the basic set-up and location of the adventure. These sections show you what you need to place the monsters and creatures, like where the treasure is and if there are hidden doors. They also give you a few suggestions for things that you might do to add conflict or suspense to the adventure.
Finally, each adventure has a few [Recommendations] sections. These are specific recommendations for any games or players that might use the adventure.
About This Content
D&D Dungeon Masters Guide :

Savage Worlds :

Deadlands Reloaded :


Dungeon Warriors PC/Windows

The gameplay is great! In A New Perspective you play as a female ninja during a time when ninjas were forced into hiding and the outer world forgot all about them. With it’s particular mix of excellent art style, thoughtful combat, and great, old-fashioned game design, the game will keep you glued to the screen for days on end.
A new chapter of the franchise has arrived!
In Vanquish Legacy, you play as a warrior who must take revenge on a man who dishonored his clan and those around him. It’s your job to take on an increasingly tough range of enemies, and develop the kind of skills that’ll let you survive. Unblock your path through a full-featured open world and an expansive progression system. You can also visit countless locales around the world and tackle 100+ deadly mini-games. Includes every feature from the base game plus:
3 all new character classes and 10 new weapons:
Fire-Type: Swords, Spear, Axes, Cane, Tanto, etc.
Lightning-Type: Bladed Weapons, Knives, Katanas, Pugilists, etc.
Earth-Type: Staffs, Handaxes, Claws, etc.
10 new character skins:
2 melee classes available with Male/Female variations
Weapons available in multiplayer as well
10 new weapons:
Sniper Rifle
Combat Rifle
Combat Knife
Steel Pipe
4 new unlockable costumes (including the appearance of the Hanzo School of Ninja):
Black Uniform with face mask and metal leg spikes
Silk Raiment
Expensive Raiment
Samurai Uniform
Includes a variety of modern conveniences such as remappable buttons, replay recording, etc.
Support for all resolutions and more!Support for multiple languages (10 different languages are supported at launch).The original version of this game supports older resolutions. The Special Edition will support all resolutions, with the exception of very low resolutions.
About This ContentPrepare for action with this exciting adventure game.
Welcome to a 2.5D-style adventure that was once banned by the City because of “lack of civility”.You are the holder of the Keijo Archives, a collection of great masterpieces, yet you are not all that you seem. Your true identity is only known to a select few. As you travel to


What’s new in Dungeon Warriors:


Dungeon Warriors 2 is a dungeon crawling role-playing video game developed by the Russian studio Vimtim Software and published by Independent Software Productions for DOS. It was released for Windows in 1993. The game was created by the same team that also developed the predecessor in the year 1992, Dungeon Warriors.

Dungeon Warriors 2 follows the previous installment’s revised storyline and introduces new characters, dungeons, and updated graphics and mechanics. One notable addition to the game over its predecessor is the “rotating” dungeon. The player characters move through the dungeon while simultaneously viewing it through cutscenes generated by a predefined “movement cycle”. The player repeats the cycle many times to take in all of the dungeon’s floor plans.

An expanded version of the game, known as the “Boosted Edition”, was released for Windows, DOS, and Mac OS in 1994. This version introduced an improved user interface, new spells and equipment, a rendered screen background, and additional sound effects. In 1997, Visual Essentials released the enhanced DOS version of Dungeon Warriors 2 for Mac OS.

Dungeon Warriors 2 is a game of extensive exploration with up to 4 player characters (PCs) and a hierarchy of seven levels in which to explore. The player starts each level from his home base and must open chests and climb tall ladders to obtain new equipment, money, or useful items. A small screen in front of the character fields depicts the terrain and shows the items available for collection and use. The player travels through rooms and down hallways to reach new parts of the dungeon, where new items can be discovered. New items can be equipped to alter the character’s appearance and stats or carried with the player to help in battle. After a battle is won, the player saves his game to exit the dungeon and return home. The player must visit home between dungeons to purchase spells, combat spells, food, health potions, and other goodies, and improve his equipment.

Player characters
In Dungeon Warriors 2, players can choose which of three PCs to adventure with each time they start a new game. Each of the characters is a young adult with his own personality and has access to the same items and spells for use in battle. Some items have different names and additional uses. The player usually starts a game with a normal male character, but more complex behavior can be selected from a menu.

Each PC has three stat attributes: Strength (or Stamina), Intelligence (or Wits), and Knowledge (or Perception). Strength


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System Requirements For Dungeon Warriors:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8
Processor: 2.4 GHz Pentium 4
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9 graphics card
DirectX: Version 9
DirectX Shader Model 3.0
Hard disk space: 1 GB available hard disk space
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card
Additional Notes:
The texture packs are installed in the folder: “C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\undertale”


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