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How can I convert a string to a datetime in Elixir?

According to the documentation, strings that look like this:
“2017-10-12T09:05:03-05:00 (ISO8601)”

are equivalent to Timestamps and can be converted directly to them.
What about this one?
“12/10/2017 9:05”

I get a type error complaining that it’s not convertible to {:datetime,time} which is probably not the right thing to be doing anyway.
Is there a better way to convert a string of this type? Or should I just use :datetime instead of :time?


String.downcase(“2017-10-12T09:05:03-05:00 (ISO8601)”)
|> Date.from_iso8601
|> Date.to_string
#⇒ “2017-10-12T09:05:03Z”

[The clinical application of the method of delayed autoradiography in the diagnosis of brain tumors].
The method of autoradiography was used to study central and lateral hemispheres of the brain. Neopallial, neostriatal, neocortical and limbic regions were investigated.

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