Directx 11.1 Download For Windows 8 [HOT]

Directx 11.1 Download For Windows 8 [HOT]

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Directx 11.1 Download For Windows 8

directx 11.1 for windows 8 is available now for download. with it, microsoft edge and internet explorer 11 can use the directx 11.1 apis to offer game developers the opportunity to build better and more immersive user experiences. the direct3d apis provide a common programming interface that game developers use to create the graphics for windows store games.

directx 11.1 for windows 8 uses the windows store application programming interface (api) to deliver the direct3d 11.1 graphics apis to game developers. because directx 11.1 is an extension of direct3d 11, windows store games built using direct3d 11 can use direct3d 11.1 to provide even more rich and immersive experiences for users. with direct3d 11.1, game developers can easily add high-quality graphics to windows store games without having to rewrite their games.

direct3d 11.1 for windows 8 also includes the directwrite api. directwrite enables the use of modern typography for text, including improved control over typesetting, and a more flexible framework for writing text content. it also provides a rich set of apis for creating user interfaces and providing visual effects.

the windows store application programming interface (api) is a new programming model for building windows store applications that enable game developers to create richer experiences for users. with the windows store, you can build applications, including games, with a common user interface and common programming model. you can build your windows store applications to work with the xbox one, windows phone 8, windows, and windows 8 devices, and with windows store applications you can interact with the xbox one. you can also use the windows store to build cross-platform applications.

This is for the DirectX 12 download page. There are quite a few settings that are required to set or enable certain features of DirectX. In this section, I will guide you to enable most of these features in your DirectX.
DirectX is an API developed by Microsoft to simulate programming a graphics card. All the APIs that are available for DirectX are called APIs because they have similar programming models such as Direct3D. The APIs are DirectX 9, DirectX 10, DirectX 11 and so on. Direct3D or DirectX is a cross-platform API (XAPI) that manages DirectX. Every DirectX program has to be written in the DirectX programming language and is built by the Visual C++ or Visual Studio development environment.
Basically, Direct3D handles rendering, input, audio and so on. It is part of Microsoft Windows’ multimedia APIs called Win32 API. The Direct3D managed DirectX supports many features such as full-screen windowed modes, transparency, water, textures, and so on. While other APIs such as GDI (Graphical Device Interface), GDI+, GDI+, Direct2D, and DirectWrite support these features as well.
The DirectX is made available to Windows users through WinDDM, Windows Data Distribution Manager. This is a graphic driver with support for Direct3D APIs. All new WinDDM releases will come with the latest version of DirectX. That is one of the key feature of Windows 8.
With the latest version of DirectX, users will get better DirectX-compatible APIs with advanced features such as windowed, full-screen, and hardware-accelerated rendering. The APIs should be robust and improve compatibility with Windows, such as Direct3D 10, Direct3D 11, DirectX 10, DirectX 11, DirectX 12, and more. WinDDM drivers will support DirectX features such as semi-transparency, color keying, blur, and tessellation.

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