Burnbit € A Website For Creating Torrent Files Out Of HTTP Linked Files [UPD]

Burnbit € A Website For Creating Torrent Files Out Of HTTP Linked Files [UPD]


Burnbit € A Website For Creating Torrent Files Out Of HTTP Linked Files

in recent security rumors the internet community became so much worried about crawling the web for content that the web crawler security issue was elevated to the scope of nsa possible cyberattacks. in fact, any website that allows’scraping’ to gather content is regarded as a security risk if certain parts of the content are being gathered too often (or frequently), and http requests are being used for this purpose. to avoid this issue, you have to add restrictions to your urls. the restrictions you add will make those urls unsuitable as direct downloads. if you just add ‘http://’ to the beginning of the url and then ‘http://’ to the end, then the links are already unusable. the ones with ‘http://’ at the beginning will not go through the link you add. the ones with ‘http://’ at the end will become valid urls, but they are invalid for direct download.

to protect your direct download links from crawlers and the users for resuming incomplete downloads, the best workaround is to use a public domain. urlhash enables such a solution. by deleting the ‘http://’ protocol from the beginning of the original url, you can add the protocol back to the link on your burnbit page. if the url starts with ‘http://’ and ends with ”, the url is considered a valid direct download url. however, the url can only contain the ‘http://’ protocol, and for simplicity only ‘http://’ and ‘https://’ are supported. in the above example, the user will end up with a valid http link. in addition, you can also specify what the download must be named as. by this feature, you can keep the title of your file while making it from this url scheme. the download file name comes from the user entered text box.

if a torrent client can resume a download for an older torrent it has never seen, why can’t burnbit as it doesn’t need to download the entire torrent file? the answer is that the torrent file contains lots and lots of metadata, that burnbit doesn’t download. when i say lots of, i mean hundreds of megabytes worth of metadata. it stores the filename, a small description, some keywords and an internet address for one, and more. resuming the download of a torrent file that just fetched the metadata but did not itself fetch the entire file would allow a lot of the metadata to already be in your cache.
thus comes to the biggest problem, i can only download metadata. i tried to make the process as short as possible. burnbit will fetch the metadata, save the file locally, create a torrent file and notify you if there are any seeders. you only need to supply a url to a file which burnbit will download and turn into a torrent file. after that’s done, you can check the seeders and if there’s any seeders for the file, someone can begin downloading the torrent file and once it’s finished, you can just remove the local file and the link on the site.
if a file is already released, then you’ll get a notification on your email that there are seeders for the file. it will also display a link to go to their website where you can find the torrent file and download it if you choose.
in addition to the direct download method, burnbit has a torrent method as well. the direct download method will get you a more stable download, but you’ll have to wait for all the seeders to finish downloading before you can start. with the torrent method you can get downloads that are pretty much instant.


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