Best Site for download ZIP Password Unlocker (April-2022)

This torrent site has a broad range of categories including ebooks, movies, TV shows and more. Plus, unlike the majority of other sites, this one only accepts free donations. It has just under 1.3 million downloads on the site.

In this site, you get to search the ebooks by category, download the torrent and preview the files. Although, it does not have a separate category for games, you can enter the name and the search will pull up the results.

According to its website, this is the biggest e-book downloading site on the internet with over 60,000,000 torrents downloaded daily. It is easy to navigate and you can find ebooks through the search function. The torrent quality is clear and fast and you can download any e-book you want for free.

This site keeps a very high standard on the torrent quality. So, if you download any e-book here, be assured that you are getting nothing but the best quality. The site has a large collection of books, including downloadable ebooks.

This website has a lot of information about the bible. With its help, you can download the complete English or the Old Testament or other things of the Bible. For the download process, simply scan the QR code given on the website. In this way, you can download all the files easily.

If you are keen on downloading movies, and also enjoy watching out for the best movie torrent sites, then you will surely find something interesting in this list. Their aim is to offer the best movies and this why they add the latest movies to their site.

Hold on, hold on, hold on. Before you start downloading the software or movies through the website, try to find the Internet Safety question. Its an easy question where you have to enter your feedback on a scale. This question will indicate whether the site is safe or not.


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