Best Site for download Popup Assassin Free Free [Win/Mac]

Hatetoofrent is exactly what it says on the tin. The site is heavily focused on gaming torrents. It supports games for Windows, Mac, and Linux, but theres a nice list of themes for the interface too. Downloading games on the site is super simple. You only need to add a game and its genre, and click the big download button to go.

ThePirateBay seems to be taking the media streaming route, and it works well. The site is pretty popular for Windows torrents, and among the choices are torrents for full games and cracked games for Windows (and Mac, if youre lucky). It also seems to be a big source of media torrents, but even so, it doesnt take a lot of searching to find cracked games.

The best place to get cracked games for Windows is probably DDL, and theres no shortage of those on offer. Theyre broken into two categories: more traditional games, like GTA 5, Borderlands, and The Sims 3 for Windows; and the more nerdy games, like a demo for indie game XB1 The Dwarves 2.

Here’s our list of the best torrent sites on the planet for downloading original game files. We won’t list any “overtly” pirated sites here. Instead, our list focuses on “legal” sites that share cracked games. Sites like CheatHappens and GameRiot are totally legit and are included in our list, which is actually more popular than you might expect.

That’s nice, right? We’re happy to oblige! But just so you know, this isn’t exactly a list of the best cracked games websites. In fact, it’s not even necessarily a list of cracked games websites. It’s a list of the best available cracked games sites. And that’s why we’ll say this up front:

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