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We have a directory of file servers, magnet links, and torrent sites. The reason why we have so many is because we want to provide you with the best file sharing experience and a search directory of torrents. You can access their directory directly through their search boxes. We provide some basic search and logic for your torrent searches.

If your looking for movies, music, software, and other pirated files you might be trying to watch, listen to or download using torrents. This site provides a torrent search engine, that allows you to search the largest database of torrents on the internet. The sites search engine allows you to filter, download, and seed. The most popular torrents is displayed with downloads and size, and you can click on them for a view of the details. The site allows you to perform a search and download related torrent files.

This is the biggest database of warez files and torrents. You can browse through the categories of software, and games. It is a great site that will allow you to get through advanced filtering to find what you are looking for. You can also add your favorite torrent files to their index, and add details like torrent quality, file size and shared ratio. The site has fairly good internet speeds, and will allow you to download with whatever download speed you have.

Filesonic is an awesome download site that will make it easier for you to find, download, and share torrent files. The site is a clean user experience, and will make it easy for you to find the torrents that youre looking for, and youre able to seed the torrents and fast. They have also got good speeds and downloads, all for only €3.69 per month.


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