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I am using AutoCAD 2016 version and I need to create an new object called “Buddha” on my model….

…Please compare this with my file.


your model seems to be higher quality, so your SIDS are less likely to be corrupted than mine. Unfortunately, there is no perfect fix, you’ll have to convert your native.dwg to.dxf format manually or through a tool. While ConCon can convert native.dwg, it seems it’s not perfect and can crash sometimes. I’d recommend you to convert your.dwg to.dxf using (to save your efforts) and try to fix your SIDS manually:

2) Use GeometrySnapping to fix the geometries. Note that you’ll need the newest 1.5.7 build and a model with no geometries exported to the Outliner yet. If a snapfix fix does not work, then try fixing geometry corners manually. To get the geometry corners, select the geometry and

3) Convert the model to.OBJ with the following command:
convert -a @.\tmp.dwg -o.\tmp.obj

4) Fix the orphaned lines as per the ‘orphaned lines’ section of the wiki.
This wiki covers features needed to fix SIDs and restore the model to pristine condition and can be used to fix the corrupted geometries.


How do you detect Bluetooth device?

I just started programming with Bluetooth and I have some questions.
There are some examples on the internet but none of them is fully clear or completly working. I found this but it doesn’t work and it’s still a bit confusing.
What is the best way to detect a Bluetooth device?
My main goal is to detect a Bluetooth device before pairing so I know if there is a device around or if it is paired.
Thanks in advance.


To detect a Bluetooth device, you first need to look for a Bluetooth radio present

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