Armour Of God 1986 3li Bluray 720p English Subtitles

Armour Of God 1986 3li Bluray 720p English Subtitles

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Armour Of God 1986 3li Bluray 720p English Subtitles

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this film is a particularly human story that’s been done before. in this instance, jackie chan is a hard working engineer who gets emotionally involved in helping poor people in remote locations.

it’s a beautiful film with a very entertaining story. much of the movie is very slow. the first third is slow because jackie never goes anywhere. he’s just walking around talking to various people. the second third is slow because it’s rather boring. some of the characters are rather wooden. and the last third of the movie is an explosion of action. after a long period of inactivity, it’s a nice little caper.

there are characters who could be better. the ones with comic tone are particularly wooden. and some of the story is predictable. the music is forgettable. but this is a fun film with good comedy. it’s great fun.

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among the western performer discussed is bruce fontaine who is interviewed in martial arts mercenary for hire (20:01) in which he recalls becoming interested in martial arts and hong kong cinema while growing up in canada and traveling to hong kong where he had a disastrous first experience working for cinema city and was promptly fired from mad mission v/aces go places 5. instead, he learned stunt fighting and filmmaking while working at godfrey ho’s infamous i.f.d. on such films as kickboxer king and catman in boxer’s blow with fellow performer ken goodman before both got to work with chan for the first time on operation condor. the disc also includes the original hong kong theatrical trailer (3:18) and a re-edited trailer (3:57) using the 2k master. the disc comes with a reversible cover while the first 2,000 copies also include a slipcover and an illustrated fifty-two page booklet that features an essay on both armour of god films by william blaik, an extensive interview with stuntman vincent lyn (mr. canton and the lady rose) who plays one of adolf’s guards, music cue sheets, and promotional material including posters and production stills. (eric cotenas)
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