9yo Girl With 17yo Boyavi _HOT_

9yo Girl With 17yo Boyavi _HOT_


9yo Girl With 17yo Boyavi

the adventures of dr. robotnik
by colin mcdonald
science fiction
a contemporary high school science fiction about a sciency teen who grows up to become a scientist and a bit of a troublemaker, but who also tries to do some good. the book is sort of perfect. kids are becoming more scientists and engineers and the dystopian future of the past was exaggerated, but the story still stands up well. includes an appendix of science resources, a glossary and index.

in 1962, a woman is accused of being a communist spy. when the secret agent removes her important documents, the dea agent locks her in her house and begins to search through her belongings. during their search, she discovers the evidence that will win her freedom. this is a clever, well-written historical fiction story about finding the truth during a time of great political turmoil in the united states.

this is the story of a young boy who leaves his home as he sees it destroyed by fire during the draki raids. he is an only child and the only survivor of his entire family, as well as the only survivor of his village. he learns to survive alone in the forests, becoming a nomad and a wanderer. the gilder lehrman institute of american history

in yoruba tradition, a man’s father is his hero. when chibode anayo, an orphan, becomes a priest of the orishas of yoruba creation, he must learn to navigate the politics of his new role while fighting a battle for the legacy of his father, a soldier who died during a war between his home city and its rival.

tonton and the dancing bees by zanne brownfantasyin this fun fantasy adventure a two year old boy helps an aiyari (people from the stars) learn about being in the real world. when tonton’s family takes their vacation to the rock of pentacles, a dark giant horned rock that is at a dangerous outcrop of land in the ocean, a car accident leaves him orphaned and alone. his family does not know how to take care of him. an aiyari pilot discovers tontons family and takes tonton home to his kind. at first, tonton rejects his destiny to help the aiyari. meanwhile, his grandmother has a great idea and persuades tontons dad to take tonton to his summer camp. tontons imagination goes wild when the head counselor tricks tonton and they go on a quest to find the aiyari. they end up in a magical world of dancing bees, flying ships, and tontons best friend quillon.
the birthday book by marlow sparkleyrealistica brilliant little story of an indian family, where 15-year-old freya has an unusual gift for drawing amazing things in her birthday book, and her 12-year-old sister maya’s loving, mischievous imagination. one year, when maya’s birthday falls on mayan, mayan-indians have a tradition of exchanging what they love most with each other as presents. as maya’s gift is a drawing, freya has to make it again and again until the big day, as maya keeps tearing her clothes when she sees the drawing. the story is about mayan-indians, about sisters and a gift. it’s a lovely story of love.


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